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Reported Decisions
of the Beth Din of America

Selected decisions of the Beth Din of America are published in The Journal of the Beth Din of America. The decisions are published to familiarize litigants and their attorneys with the types of decisions typically rendered in cases heard by the Beth Din of America. Consistent with the confidentiality policies of the Beth Din of America, the names of the parties, dates and other identifying information contained in published decisions have been changed. In addition, the parties to the cases have consented to their publication.

Reported Decision 1

Colossal Containers, Inc. v. Exquisite Crafts, Inc. (claims relating to the sale of allegedly defective merchandise)

Reported Decision 2

Delicious Foods vs. Good Chocolates (hasagat gevul case involving the opening of a confectionary store)

Reported Decision 3

Meir Simons v. L’Chaim Tours and Josh Rosenberg (case regarding a claim for reimbursement of fees paid to a Pesach program)

Reported Decision 4

Joseph Goldberg v. Aryeh Schwartz (decision upholding limited liability of a corporation under Jewish law)

Reported Decision 5a

Golan v. Schwartz (interim decision regarding landlord tenant dispute)

Reported Decision 5b

Golan v. Schwartz (final decision regarding landlord tenant dispute)

Reported Decision 6

Kosher Quality Caterers, Inc. v. Kalman Goodman & Menachem Moskowitz (case relating to claims for the failed sale of a pizza store)

Reported Decision 7

Yossi Mandel v. Moshe Hirsch (case of apartment mate seeking reimbursement under a rent sharing agreement)

Reported Decision 8

United Savings, LLC v. Dunkirk Center for Health, Inc. and Royal Rehabilitation (claim by a utility cost savings consultant for reimbursement of amounts owed under contract)

Reported Decision 9

Schiff v. Chester (decision issued in a brokerage commission dispute)

Reported Decision 10

Mizrahi v. Ben-David (case regarding Dina de-Bar Metsra - 'the law of the abutter')

Reported Decision 11 (procedural letter)

Epstein v. Katz, et. al. (letter clarifying BDA policy re: choice of arbitrators)

Reported Decision 12

Chaya Plaut v. Anshei Troy Synagogue (late termination of Hebrew school teacher)

Reported Decision 13

Sapphire Financing v. Tower Real Estate LLC (dispute alleging detrimental reliance and the improper hiring of a former employee by a competing firm)