Personal Status Determinations

To inquire about a Halachic Personal Status matter at the Beth Din of America, please call the Beth Din at (212) 807-9042.

The Beth Din of America handles inquiries regarding the personal halachic (Jewish legal) status of individuals. These include questions relating to the Jewish, kohen, mamzer and unmarried status of individuals according to halacha.


The Beth Din recognizes that personal halachic status investigations often involve inquiries into confidential personal and familial information. The Beth Din staff employs the utmost sensitivity and discretion when handling these matters and respects the confidentiality of the Beth Din’s clients.


The Beth Din, under the leadership of the Av Beth Din, Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, is a recognized authority in investigating and ruling on issues of Jewish halachic status. The Beth Din’s determinations and halachic rulings are respected across a wide spectrum of Jewish communities, and are recognized by the chief rabbinate of the State of Israel.

Teudot Yahadut Viravakut

Rabbis performing marriages, including under the aegis of the chief rabbinate of the State of Israel, will often require evidence of the Jewish and/or unmarried status of individuals wishing to get married. The Beth Din investigates the Jewish and unmarried status of individuals and, when appropriate, will issue a certificate confirming such status. Certificates issued by the Beth Din of America are recognized by the chief rabbinate of the State of Israel.


The cost of opening a file for issuance of a teudat yahadut viravakut is $100.