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Opening a Din Torah (Arbitration) Case
at the Beth Din of America

If someone wishes to bring a case to the Beth Din of America, he or she may request that the Beth Din send a summons (hazmana) to inform the person being summoned. The Beth Din will typically send up to three hazmanot, following which the Beth Din, in its discretion, may issue a contempt decree (seruv). To open a case before the Beth Din and begin the hazmana process, please provide the information requested below. If both sides have already signed or are prepared to sign a contract or arbitration agreement naming the Beth Din of America as arbitrator, you may contact the Beth Din at or (212) 807-9042 to discuss scheduling a din torah hearing without the need for a hazmana.

There is a $100 filing fee to begin the hazmana process. In the event that the Beth Din of America decides not to send out a hazmana or to take any other action in this case, the filing fee will be returned.



Please briefly describe the nature of the claim, either in the space below or in a separate document. You should provide a sufficiently clear description of your claim so that someone unfamiliar with the facts of your case would understand the essential nature of your claims, although you do not need to argue your entire case at this point. Please include any supporting documentation (e.g., agreement, contract, promissory note, relevant correspondence) that will be helpful in providing background to your case.Please note that Beth Din of America policy is to forward copies of the claim letter and supporting documentation to all litigants.

The Rules and Procedures of the Beth Din can be accessed online at A hard copy of the Rules and Procedures can be obtained upon request. Your application will be reviewed and a response given within three weeks of receipt of the form.