The Beth Din of America is a rabbinical court which adjudicates commercial, communal and matrimonial conflicts.

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The Beth Din of America arranges for Jewish divorces through the issuance of a get (Jewish writ of divorce).

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Halachic Status Determination

The Beth Din of America handles inquiries regarding the personal halachic (Jewish legal) status of individuals (including kohen, mamzer and unmarried status). Among other things, the Beth Din issues teudot yahadut viravakut certifying unmarried and Jewish status, for marriages taking place in Israel and elsewhere.

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Halachic Advisory Services

The Beth Din of America provides advice regarding complex issues under Jewish law, including heter iska (structuring of Jewish law-compliant loans) and yerusha (Jewish law-compliant estate planning) matters.
For information regarding these matters, see the heter iska and estate planning materials on the Forms and Publications page, or contact the Beth Din.

Geirus Protocols and Standards

Together with the Rabbinical Council of America, the Beth Din of America oversees the Geirus Protocols and Standards (“GPS”) national network of rabbinic courts for conversion. GPS was formed for the purpose of ensuring halachic integrity and uniform standards in the performance of Jewish conversions. (The Beth Din of America does not itself perform Jewish conversions.)
For more information regarding GPS, please visit the GPS website or contact Rabbi Michoel Zylberman at (212) 807-9000, extension 3, e-mail