I am a plaintiff and I would like the Beth Din of America to send a hazmana. (There is a $100 filing fee.)Both parties agreed to conduct a din torah arbitration. Please contact me to arrange for a din torah.Both parties agreed to mediate the dispute. Please contact me to arrange for a mediation.I would like the Beth Din to contact me to discuss my options.

    Please briefly describe the nature of the claim, either in the space below or in a separate document. You should provide a sufficiently clear description of your claim so that someone unfamiliar with the facts of your case would understand the essential nature of your claims, although you do not need to argue your entire case at this point. Please include any supporting documentation (e.g., agreement, contract, promissory note, relevant correspondence) that will be helpful in providing background to your case. Please note that Beth Din of America policy is to forward copies of the claim letter and supporting documentation to all litigants.

    Case Description:

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    The Rules and Procedures of the Beth Din can be accessed online at www.bethdin.org.